About Us



We are a “Andy Rinjani Trek” Tour and Travel agent located in Senaru village at the foot of Mount Rinjani, we specialize in Rinjani Trekking, Lombok Tours, Camping professionally since 1990, the majority of our team has been recruited and selected from the local community, they have the best mountain climbing skills, are experienced and have been trained a lot in how to serve tourists who are going to climb mountains or other tours in Lombok. We provide several tour and trekking programs, especially for beginners or experienced climbers with private groups or in large numbers.

“zero waste”

In the National Park is our main target, to implemented of that condition, our team which collaborated by the National Park Ranger concern of doing the cleaning up on every twice a month, to make sure the National Park area are Zero rubbish.

Due to safety and responsibilities, we are a concern also to the maintenance of the trail condition in two-week remaining to the open season, supported by the National Park Ranger checking the trek condition, to make sure that the trail is clear for the whole visitor after 3 month locked during the conservation (wet season).